Based on your responses we suggest the following

4 Day Action Plan

Authentic Intentions Assessment

Spend your first day creating a set of prioritized reasons to connect with your community relating to Truth & Reconciliation. Choosing authentic purpose points, where there is the most genuinity and conviction, where messages flow naturally and easily, and where there’s alignment with your organization’s mission, vision, and values.


You will:

[A] Generate your list of intentions that are relevant to your organizational goals.

[B] Define your key audiences and stakeholders for messaging and content value

[C] Create success metrics and targeted outcomes for your content efforts, so you can monitor progress and best select activities for community content and engagement.



Define Scope of Activities

Spend your second day scoping out activities that will allow you to meet your desired outcomes relating to Truth & Reconciliation communication goals from day 1. Brainstorm additional actions your content can authentically demonstrate and support in resources for learning and connection to culture, community, and well-being.


You will:

[A] Refer to targeted outcomes and intentions for creating content

[B] Brainstorm activities, resources, and people that can help achieve outcomes

[C] Rank & prioritize ideas generated based on scope constraints such as budget, time, and availability of key stakeholders





Commit to Meaningful Activations to Begin Creation of Authentic Content

Start by aligning on commitments with your interal team, to ensure interal consultation and alignment for Reconciliation communications. Create communications that can help share your intentions using the attached flowchart for Indigenous Communications. 


You will:

[A] Commit to activities that are highest priority and feasibility from day 2, and communicate with internal team

[B] Create content assets using tips and templates provided in materials

[C] Share planned content to be scheduled across communications channels, using the communications flowchart



Respectful Engagement with Indigenous Collaborator & Audiences

Prepare for engaging communications that are based on respect and a strong focus on listening. Gain confidence for direct engagement with potential Indigenous collaborators using the preparation questions in 1-to-1 communication. Learn more about training and networking opportunities with the Indigenous Marketing Circle.


You will:

[A] Share other content to your account and intentions for creating content

[B] Actively respond to negative comments & objections 

[C] Join the Indigenous Marketing Circle